New Hampshire and Penn State Games Will Not Be Walkovers--Less Worry Now About Backfield Reserves.

Varsity football scrimmages today and tomorrow will be utilized chief to test and improve Harvard's defense against a forward passing attack, since the Crimson players were particularly week in this department of the game last Saturday.

Eleven out of 18 passes were completed by the New Hampshire eleven Harvard's next opponent, against their Boston University opponents last weekend, and Coach Casey wants to take no chance of having his season's record spoiled by a small college upset due to lack of drilling in fundamentals.

Injury List

Yesterday's workout included blocking and tackling, signal calling, and dummy scrimmages. Crickard only appeared for a few moments, as he is busy studying for a makeup exam, while Leonard watched the drill in street clothes. F. Gleason, Cassedy, and Bennett were kept out of the scrimmaging because of minor injuries, and Whitney, Casale Littlefield, and Raff were all present in white shirts.

Problem of Line Reserves

With the fine showing of Grady, Locke, and Hurlbut in Saturday's game, Coach Casey will not have to worry so much about reserve strength in the backfield, but his problem of finding good substitutes for his key line men still remains pressing. There is little question but that the second and third strings will see some heavy work in the next two games if Team A can amass a safe enough total of points to permit the reserves to be sent in wholesale.

Although the team managed to amass a large score on Saturday the strength of their opponents offered no great resistance and little may be judged from the showing. New Hampshire is strong not only in the air this year but her line men are heavy and powerful, affording good protection for the fast backfield.

At the present moment, neither of the two coming games look like setups; New Hampshire possesses an apparently powerful air attack, while Penn. State piled up a large score against Lehigh in its opening game and is reputed to have a good all-around team.

The lineups:

Team A--Nazro, Le.; Hardy, l.t.; Esterly, l.g.; Hallowell, c.; Gundlach, r.g.; Bancroft, r.t.; Hageman, r.e.; Wells, q.; Grady, l.h.b.; Nevin, r.h.b.; Dean, f.b.

Team B-Lowe, l.e.; Barrows, l.t.; Crane, l.g.; Casey, c.; Rogers, r.g.; Francisco, r.t.; Bartol, r.e.; Whitney, q.; Pescosolido, l.h.b.; Barrett, r.h.b.; Waters, f.b.

Team C--Walcott, l.e.; Kidder, l.t.; Healey, l.g.; Casale, c.; Raff, r.g.; Cullen, r.t.; Werner, r.e.; Peter, q.; Sherman, l.h.b.; Hurlbut, r.h.b.; Ferry, f.b