Discussion of the Revision of Dana's "System" To Play Important Part in Gathering of Scientists

The Mineralogical Society of America will hold its annual meeting in conjunction with the Geological Society of America, in the mineralogical rooms of the University Museum, starting Wednesday, December 28, and lasting three days. This society was formed thirteen years ago at Harvard, and has been instrumental in bringing into mutual understanding the work carried on in the mineralogy departments of the different universities of the country.

The particular purpose of the coming gathering is to read a number of papers, and discuss them with reference to the revision of the 1892 edition of Dana's "System of Mineralogy," now being carried on in conjunction with Professor Ford at Yale University. On Thursday, December 29, an address on "The New Mineralogy" will be given by A. N. Winehell, professor of mineralogy at Wisconsin University and president of the Society in joint session with the Geological Society at the Harvard Union.

Charles Palache, professor of Mineralogy, has now been working for several years in anticipation of this revision in his particular field, crystallography, and he will present a paper to the gathering on this subject. In his work, he has had the cooperation of Laurence laFerge '99 and M. A. Peacock, the former of whom is co author with Palache in "Crystallographic Notes," and the latter the author of "Crystallography of Emplectite."