Innovation Calls for Men to Carry Male Roles in "The Man of Destiny"--Under Auspices of Dramatic Club

Members of the Harvard Dramatic Club and other undergraduates will have an opportunity to take part in a Wellesley College play, "The Man of Destiny," to be given at Alumnae Hall in Wellesley, the first week of March, it was announced yesterday by J. F. Joyce '32, president of the Dramatic Club. This is the first time that the men's parts in Wellesley dramatic productions have been taken by men; heretofore only Wellesley students have taken male parts.

Tryouts for the three men's parts will be held in the Rogers Building, the new headquarters of the Dramatic Club, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Miss Edith M. Smaill, of the department of speech at Wellesley, and F. C. Parker '20, assistant professor of Public Speaking at Harvard, will make the selections. The parts to be filled are those of Napoleon, "the man of Destiny"; Guisseppe, a landlord; and a sub-lieutenant, aide to Napoleon. The character of Napoleon is too well known to need description. Guiseppe is a swarthy, vivacious, shrewdly, cheerful, black-curled, bullet-headed man of 40, who is an excellent host.