Work Is Done To Qualify University For Bequest

In order to qualify for a bequest of $4,000,000 given to the University last May by George Artemas Ward, great grandson of the Revolutionary general. Leonard Crunell, Chicago sculptor, has been commissioned to design and execute a statue of the first Artemas Ward to be placed in a new circle at the junction of Massachusetts and Nebraska Avenues in Washington, D.C. The terms of the bequest provide that after the University has fittingly honored the great general by erecting memorials, and maintaining the old Ward-homestead which is located in Shrewsbury, where the general lived and died, the remaining money is to be used for whatever purpose the University sees fit. Memorials have already been erected in Cambridge and Shrewsbury.

General Ward graduated from Harvard in 1748. He was the first to command the Revolutionary forcee, although he later became second in command.