The tennis season was inaugurated yesterday afternoon when 33 candidates reported to Coach Harry Cowles at the University Squash Courts. Because of the fact that only three courts on the top floor of the Indoor Athletic Building are available for practice at this time of the season, all other men except selected University and Freshman netmen will be obliged to wait until the middle of April for outdoor practice. The list of men who are to use the indoor courts will be posted next Monday at Harry Cowles shop.

The squad will be increased to 50 men as soon as the winter sports end. Those who wish to sign up for later in the season may do so at Harry Cowles shop today, tomorrow and Saturday.

Prospects for the season are unusually good with Captain D. M. Frame '32 and A. W. Patterson '32 and as probable number one and two men on the first team. Five members of last year's Freshman team, S. E. Davenport III '34, W. S. Emmet '34, Laurence Freeburn '34, R. L. Graham '34 and G. H. Hartford '34 are expected out soon.

Candidates reporting were:

burg '33, Gilfillan Avery '33, F. B. Brioda '32, Lincoln Bryant, Jr. '33, H. W. Cole '32, R. A. Cooley '32, S. E. Davenport III '34, A. M. Ferry '34, H. P. Forman '34, D. M. Frame '32, G. C. Fuller '34, D. C. Greene, Jr. '32, Milton Greefield '32, R. L. Hutchinson '34, Richard Inglis, Jr. '33, A. A. Lazar '33, J. K. Mitchell, Jr. '34, JJ. L. Noyes '34, A. W. Patterson '32, Samuel Powel, Jr. '32, E. C. Pugh '33, M. McN. Roty '33, E. H. Roorbach '34, J. F. Roy '34, W. H. Schofield '33, Lawrence Sorenson '32, C. B. Sykes '33, W. C. Thompson '32, G. P. Webber '33, H. B. Wessman '34 H. R. Woodard '33, and E. A. Wye, Jr. '34.