Recently Outclassed Exeter by Large Margin of 47-15

This afternoon the Freshman swimming team will face Yale at the Indoor Athletic Building in its final meet of the season. The 1935 natators have only been defeated twice during the winter, by the Brown and Dartmouth swimmers. They have defeated the Technology Freshmen, Dean Academy, Andover, Worcester Academy, finally overwhelming Exeter 47-15 on Saturday.

The probable Crimson lineup for this afternoon's meet: 50-yard free style: R. S. Wallace, C. L. Jack, and J. F. Donnelly, Jr.; Dive: Charles Runyon, Jr., and H. S. Bowen; 200-yard free style: Fisher Howe, C. L. Jack, and S. M. Wyman; 100-yard backstroke: A. M. Jones, Jr., and R. W. McCoy: 100-yard breast stroke: M. V. Leventritt and F. L. Spreckels; 100-yard free style: A. W. Sherwood, Jr., S. M. Wyman, and J. F. Donnelly, Jr.; 200-yard relay: R. S. Wallace, S. M. Wyman, J. F. Donnelly, Jr., C. L. Jack, and A. W. Sherwood, Jr.