Tryouts For Male Parts Will Be Held at Brooks House on Friday and Monday From 7.30 to 10 O'Clock

Tryouts for the male parts in a Well esley Dramatic Club production will be held in Phillips Brooks House on Friday and Monday from 7.30 to 10 o'clock. The play is to be "The Dragon's Teeth" by the English playwright Shirland Guin; the scene is set in Europe immediately after the war and the six male characters are all officers. One is a young lientenant, another is an older man, the heroine's father, and a third is a comic character.

The Harvard Dramatic Club annually cooperates with the Wellesley club is securing Harvard students to take the male paris.

This play won the prize in a national contest at the Pasadena Play House in 1931 and the Wellesley production will be its second appearance in America. The play will be given on Friday an Saturday, December 8 and 9. Rehearsal will be scheduled three times a week to the east's convenience.

The officers of the Wellesley club, who will be at Phillips Brooks House during the trials, are as follows: Marian Jobcon '34, president; Barbara Jacobs '34, Vice-president; Anna Hale '34, business manager; Bernice Libman '36, secretary; Jane Taylor '35, treasurer.