Eight Men Chosen To Meet Exeter and Choate on February 24 and March 3--Cross-Examination Not Adopted

W. S. Howell, instructor in English, in charge of the freshman debating, announced last night the selections for the Exeter and Choate debates.

Contrary to what was originally planed, there will not be the innovation of the cross-examination system in the Choate debate. The plan which was submitted to the approval of the Freshman Council by the Choate School authorities did not meet with the full approval of that body, consequently, court procedure will not be adopted.

The subject of the Exeter debate which occurs Friday, February 24, is "Resolved: That only students of superior mental ability be admitted to the Liberal Arts Colleges." These selected for this debate after the Union tryouts last night are Lewis Perry, Jr. '36, R. M. Cohen '36, A. G. Sullivan '36, and as alternate, F. E. Sweetser '36.

These chosen for the Choate debate on Friday, march 3 are Leonard Lewin '36. T. B. Quinn '36, J. S. Bach '36, with J. L. Kunen '36 an alternate.