Round-Trip Tickets at 56 Per Cent Less Will Be Sold on Presentation of Slip Signed by Hanford

Arrangements have been made so that students desiring to take advantage of the railroad price reduction for the April vacation, may obtain identification slips at the Dean's office in University Ball, according to an announcement issued last night by A. C. Hanford, dean of the College. This action has been taken as a result of the announcement two days ago that the New England Passenger Association has enabled college students to travel south of New York and west of Albany at approximately 56 per cent under the ordinary price of a round trip ticket.

Representative at Coop

At the same time, G. E. Cole, manager of the Harvard Cooperative Society, stated that a railroad representative would be at the Coop from Monday through Friday next week to sell tickets on the presentation of identification slips. The office will be in the furniture department. Although the Coop has sold tickets to students at regular prices during the Christmas vacation, this marks the first time that they have attempted to act in conjunction with a University policy.

Slips At University Hall

Students taking advantage of the plan, will be able to obtain slips, signed by Dean Hanford, this week from his secretary in 4 University Hall. Any doubt as to whether the intended destination is included in the reduction can be settled by consulting the official railroad tariff which will be on file at the Coop Monday. The identification slip will assure a man of the reduction.

Tickets may be bought under this plan until Saturday, April 15. They are good for 30 days following the date of sale, but must be used by Sunday, April 30. Stopovers are permitted along the route, both going and returning, and a passenger may use the reduction with Pullman seats although the Pullman prices are not reduced.