The Student Vagabond


9 O'Clock

"Irish Plays," Mr. White, Emerson A.

10 O'Clock

"Spinoza," Dr. Wild, Emerson D.

11 O'Clock

"Mrs. Gaskell, Charles Kingsley," Assistant Professor Maynadier, Sever 11.

"The Prostrate South," Professor Schlesinger, New Lecture Hall.

12 O'Clock

"Thomas Heywood," Professor Murray, Harvard 3.

"Chopin," Professor Hill, Music Building.

"Guilds in France 1581-1789," Professor Usher, Sever 23.


9 O'Clock

"King Charles L" Dr. Jordan, Harvard 6.

"The New British Empire," Professor Holcombe, New Lecture Hall.

"Newman-Apologia," Professor Rollin, Emerson F.

10 O'Clock

"Wycliffe," Dr. Whiting, Sever 6.

"Public Opinion in the XVIIII Century," Professor Morize, Emerson 211.

"Webster and Lincoln," Assistant Professor Matthiesson, Harvard 6.

"Fielding and the Beginnings of the Novel." Assistant Professor Maynadier, Sever 11.

11 O'Clock

"Martin Opitz," Professor Howard, Sever 6.

12 O'Clock

"The Shepard's Calendar," Assistant Professor Sprague, Sever 7.