The present bank holiday, resulting in cash becoming a more valuable commodity than heretofore, is making dealings with those Harvard Square merchants who insist on a cash policy decidedly difficult. Since the loss is mutual to the students of the University and the local business men, an effort should be made to counteract the danger of commercial stagnation.

It appears advisable, therefore, that an organization of Harvard Square business men meet with the Student Council or a committee thereof, and arrange that a system of credit be extended to the students of the University. Since the bursar's card is evidence of the deposit of a five hundred dollar bond at Lehman Hall, there should be no serious objections to Harvard Square merchants extending at least a partial credit to students presenting their bursar's cards. Such a system being effected, business on the Square might proceed unhampered, and students would be relieved of the inconvenience brought upon them by the lack of ready cash.