The College Tutoring Bureau has been set upon by a New York publisher who objects, and in strenuous wise, to their unsanctioned sale of text outlines. Diverted for a moment from their cheery task of pillaging the Freshman till, the Bureau responds with a shocked innocence, that such things have always been, and implies that the pre-final period is a rather nasty time to bring it all up anyway. Meanwhile, cocking its ear towards the Yard, the Bureau professes to find a murmur against an intolerance so fatal.

The boarding house tutors, however, who have no mimeograph, but only native with, are finding the idea of a New York publisher hourly more pleasant to contemplate. They have always hated monopoly and exploitation of the instruments of production and exchange. And they have always hated them with a closer cordiality in the opulent person of the College Tutoring Bureau. And the cruel professors those who like to go out into the barn and torture the horses, will find similar enjoyment in the bureaucratic dismay. But a Cambridge Plains of Abraham may carry disaster not only to the wolves, but also to the lambs whose hope they are, unless New York's Montcalm decides to give everybody a nice surprise and print the outlines himself.