Star of Bradford Night Club Says Upperclassmen Are True Fresh Men--Prefers Dartmouth Drawl to Haavaad Accent

"The upperclassmen at Harvard are really the freshmen," Miss Blanche Christian, star performer of the floor show produced by Lou Walters at the Cascades night club of the Hotel Bradford, declared to a CRIMSON reporter Saturday night. "I've been with them all."

"Princeton men," she continued, "are the ones that get may danderuff, because--well the reasons are too many to mention. Now you take those Dartmouth boys, they're the fine dancers, and I think their football team is just too darling. The only reason Harvard boat them was because they got all the breaks. No, I wasn't there, but I heard all about it. And your hockey team, why that bunch bought off the referees--I heard all about that, too. And you know, I think the Dartmouth drawl has this Harvard accent beaten a mile. They are both a lot of hooey, but I like them just the same.

"I hate to eat, myself, but I think you boys over in Cambridge ought to be allowed to drink beer in the Dining Halls. Why, the Cambridge crow in England trains on it, and they win lots of races. How do I know? Oh, I've heard all about it. Personally I don't like it, or that is, I don't think I would. You see, I really don't imbibe in that way. I want to be the same as the First Lady, Mrs. Roosevelt, and let other people have it, but not touch it myself.

"I think that you fellows are awfully foolish in the way you dress. White shoes, and crazy hats, and all kinds of old clothes. Now at Dartmouth, they have sensible clothes. And another thing. I don't see why you don't have a winter carnival like they do in New Hampshire. Where would they get the snow? Why don't be silly. Where do those clever people at Dartmouth get it? From the sky, of course. I read in the CRIMSON about how those haberdashers on the Square said that you boys were not the collegiate style leaders because you were afraid to wear the latest styles. That's not right. You're just too nonchalant and too sure of yourselves and too bored with life, to care anything about it. That's the way you are in everything. Now these Dartmouth men. . ."