Eight members of the Varsity track team were chosen Saturday by the coaches to compete in the Harvard-Yale meet with Oxford and Cambridge in the stadium, July 8.

Harvard and Yale men already chosen are: 100-yard dash E. E. Calvin 35 and Walsh (Y); 220-yard dash--F. J. Lane '36 and N. P. Dodge '33; 440-yard dash--Warner (Y) and J. M. Morse '34; 880-yard run--J. B. White '34, Sutherland (Y) or J. M. Morse '34; Mile run--Turley (Y) and A. B. Hallowell '34; two-mile run--Miner (Y), Arthur Foote '33 or R. S. Playfair '36; 120-yard high hurdles--Lockwood (Y) and J. C. Grady '33; 220-yard low hurdles--J. C. Grady '33; and Dunbar (Y); shotput--J. J. Dean '34 and Jackson (Y); discus throw--J. J. Dean '34 and Crowley (Y); pole vault--Brown (Y) and Thompson (Y); high jump--Brown (Y) and Moore (Y). There is to be no javelin or hammer throw.