Taylor Praises Roosevelt Industrial Control Bill as Recovery Force--Answers Statement of Business School Economist

"There are serious possibilities of good in the Roosevelt industrial control project," said Dr. O. H. Taylor, instructor in Economics, in contrast to a condemnation of the bill as "thoroughly mischievous," by R. S. Meriam '14, associate professor of Business Economics at the Business School, printed in the Friday issue of the CRIMSON.

"The principle on which the good in the bill rests is this: where there are large monetary and credit facilities not being used because prices are slow or are falling, agreements to do away with cut-throat competition may, in many cases, actually increase demand and make possible an increase in output, by taking advantage of the speculative nature of rising prices.

Although he stated that "the trend today is not toward Fasciam in the sense of a dictatorship," Taylor asserted that some permanent alterations in governmental policy are bound to result from the bill.