Keep Ahead of Penn Throughout Match By Smooth Teamplay--Nicholas High Scorer of Game

Smooth team play and a strong attack brought the Varsity polo team a 7-5 victory over Penn Military College at Danvers on Saturday afternoon, Working well together behind the steady playing of Captain Nicholas, the Varsity kept ahead of Penn throughout the six chukkers.

Nicholas and Benson, Crimson number 1 man, were high scorers with three goals apiece, while Davis scored the remaining Crimson goal. Both Harvard and Penn tallies were well scattered throughout the match, neither team scoring more than twice in one chukker. The Penn scoring machine received a setback in the opening chukker when the pony ridden by Pickering. Penn number 2, fell and rolled on his rider. Despite this shaking up, Pickering tied with Young for his team's scoring honors.

The summary HARVARD  D.M.C. Benson, No. 1  No. 1, Scarlett Davis, No. 2  No. 2, Pickering Nicholas, No. 3  No. 3, Young Johnson, back  back, Poor

Score--Harvard 7, D.M.C. 5. Goals Benson 3, Nicholas 3, Pickering 2, Young 3, Davis 1, Searlett 1. Time--six 7 1-2-minute chukkers. Referee--Richard Small.