The Loeb Will

All lovers of ancient literature will rejoice to hear that the late Dr. James Loeb has left a princely provision in his will for the completion of the great library of classical authors which bears his name, and that the great contribution to humane learning which he conceived and fostered has not been brought to an end through his untimely death but has been assured by his posthumous generosity of a prosperous survival, As Dr. T. E. Page, one of the English editors of the world-famous Loeb classics, informs us in a letter this morning, of the three hundred and seventy-five volumes originally projected two hundred and seventy-two have already been published, and the work for the remaining volumes has already been entrusted to suitably selected scholars In different parts of the world who will now be enabled to complete their task without being troubled by pecuniary anxiety. Under the terms of his will Dr. Loeb has provided a sum of $300,000 (*60,000 at par) to endow an institution to be called the Loeb Classical Library Foundation to carry on the noble work of which he was the originator and most generous patron. The foundation is to be placed under the supervision of three trustees, and when the classical library has been completed the income of the endowment is to be devoted to the encouragement of archaeology and classical studies without distinction as to sex, race, nationality, colour, or creed. Through this splendid benefaction Dr. Loeb has left to posterity something which will nobly perpetuate his name. It is a monument which, though less conspicuous than the structures of brick or stone which commemorate the famous names of the past, has the advantage of transcending the limitation of a local habitation. Thucydides has told us that the whole earth is the tomb of famous men, and it is, indeed, fitting that so rare and munificent a patron of good learning should leave behind him a world-wide memorial. --London Times.