Better Late Than Never

It is with some hesitancy that this column trudges along the well worn path the attainment of success at Harvard gives impetus for a new effort. At Cambridge obstacles much more difficult than those confronted by Yale University authorities were surmounted, and malt brews for the first time in 106 years lave the parched throats of Harvard diners in hall.

So far we have heard of no action on the part of Yale authorities who we fondly hoped would present us this privilege as a New Year's gift. Should the University find the difficulties of procuring a license too arduous, it is suggested student aid be enlisted or that the problem be left up to each college separately.

Harvard issues cards to those twenty-one and over allowing them to sit at separate tables and imbibe. The majority of Yale undergraduates under eighteen, which limit the Connecticut law stipulates as the dead line, is considerably less than those under twenty-one so that this system would be more successful than at Harvard which finds that this method causes too much of a division among students and separates the tutors from the undergraduates. Everything points for a successful handling of the problem here; may we have the opportunity to try it! The Yale News.