In an editorial reprinted below, the Yale News endorses the suggestion of Professor William Lyon Phelps for an interchange of undergraduates between Yale and Harvard in their Junior year. The CRIMSON can only echo the News' sentiments and hope that the officials in University Hall and New Haven will not be frightened away by the novelty of the idea.

There is no reason, however, why the proposal should be confined to two colleges, especially to two colleges so close in their ideals and atmosphere as Harvard and Yale. The average Harvard student would get much more benefit out of spending his Junior year at some college outside New England, either in this country or abroad, than he would out of spending it at Yale. Such a plan would do much to widen the undergraduate's range of experience and to remove a certain narrowness of outlook too of ten associated with the designation "Harvard man." As for the practical difficulties offered by the differences in academic standards, they could readily be overcome by an Administration really convinced of the advantages of the plan.