Koussevitsky Returns To Podium After European Summer To Inaugurate New Season of Cambridge Music

With this evening's concert in Sander's Theatre, the Boston Symphony Orchestra impressively inaugurates its Cambridge season: a series which has come to be as institutional to Harvard and its environs as Boston's Fridays and Saturdays.

Returning to the directorial podium refreshed by an extended European summer, Dr. Koussevitsky submits an interesting, effectively contrasted program to his Cambridge subscribers, where Town and Gown--Brattle Street on the one hand, balanced by delegations, of the music-hungry from Harvard and Radcliffe--crowd the Elizabethan stalls and galleries in the dim light of the ancient gas chandelier. Three major works are listed for performance: Weber's brightly pointed overture to his opera "Oberon"; Borodin's Second Symphony; and the mighty D Minor Symphony of Cosar Franck which was played last week at the opening pair of concerts in Symphony Hall.

There is a now departure, a convenioned for those who are not regular subscribers to the Cambridge series. Tickets for reserved seats may be obtained at the door for $1.50.