Harvard R. O. T. C. Pistol Club Will Hold First Meeting Thursday Under Lieut. Bixby

In the dark and cheerless atmosphere of Memorial Hall shadowy figures, handling sinister revolvers will be observed by the inquisitive rodent inhabitants of the building.

For Thursday evening the Harvard ROTC Pistol Club holds its first meeting of the season, under the management of Lieutenant L. W. Bixby, who is replacing Major C. H. Jones, who started the club last year. With no dues and no initiation fee, it is hoped that last year's members, new men, and the "natural born shots" of the Freshman class will see fit to turn up.

While a good deal of the competitive work will be done by mail with other ROTC units in the East, and be necessarily open only to the ROTC members of the club, there are prospective matches with the Metropolitan Pistol League which will give others in the club a chance to show their prowess.

The organization at present possesses no pistols, which must be furnished by members. The ammunition, however, will be purchased through the club secretary, H. Bradford Stoddard '36.