Fewer Students Finishing In Less Than Four Years

General Examinations and Tutorial System Responsible

Fewer and fewer students are succeeding in getting through the College in less than the regular period of four years a survey conducted by University Hall shows. "This is due largely to the fact that students have come to see that the general examinations and tutorial systems ordinarily require three years beyond the Freshman year, and also to the abolition of the general examinations at mid-years," Dean Hanford explained in his report.

"Last June six students who graduated completed their requirements for the degree in less than four years. The number of such graduates in preceding years was 11 in 1932-33; 12 in 1931-32; 15 in 1930-31; 26 in 1929-30; 37 in 1928-29; 65 in 1927-28; and 84 in 1926-27."