Dombrowski and Hampton To Speak Before Liberal Club

Southern NRA Codes To Be Discussed Thursday in Lowell House

James Dombrowski and Ruppert Hampton, graduates of the Union Theological School and representing the Highlanders Folk School, will speak before the Liberal Club on the topic "The N.R.A. Codes in the South" at the meeting to be held at 7.30 o'clock Thursday evening, in the Lowell House Common Room.

There will also be representatives of the Highlanders Folk School present at this meeting. This school, which has been called by John Dewey "one of the most important social-educational experiments in America," is for the purpose of training rural and industrial workers for a new social order, and for conserving and enriching the native cultural values.

The Highlander Folk School is inviting college men who would be interested, to come down to the mountains of Tennessee this summer and assist in constructing a new building at Allardt for use in a program of community education.