Making an actuality out of what has long been a tentative plan, fifteen Yale law school students are planning to spend a year beginning next fall studying at the Harvard Business School. The plan provides an opportunity for embryonic corporation lawyers to include in their course of study some practical courses in business training.

For many years the necessity has been felt for some instruction in business besides its legal aspects especially, by these students interested in corporation law. Besides spending a year in Cambridge under the tutelage of the legal department of the Business School these students will have an opportunity to obtain instruction from members of the Harvard faculty at their own law school in New Haven. This coordination of the work of the two schools and the interchange of students and faculty promises to provide the student with a better understanding of the profession he has selected.

It is plan which might be extended within the University to the mutual benefit of the several departments. A precedent of coordinating the work of two universities has been set which might well be instituted by other graduate schools.