Yesterday's announcement of those elected to the Student Council is but one of the few times that organization of student representatives has brought itself to the attention of the student body. Occasionally it publishes a report upon some aspect of an important problem, but for the most part its activities are shrouded in secrecy and those not members of the Council are unaware of its existence.

There is an important function for such an organization within the University and that is the expression and formulation of opinion upon problems that are vital to the student's collective interests. But as its activities are carried on now there is no opportunity provided to assure that the opinions set forth by the Council are representative of student opinion at large. The men elected are usually those who are best known about the University, men who have been active in athletics or other extra-curricular activities. They do not necessary represent the views of those who voted for them, principally because no opportunity is provided for them to make known their ideas and because no one knows enough about the Council to care what views the candidates hold concerning college problems. The Council definitely needs a publicity department to keep the students informed of their activities and to provide an opportunity for students to express dissenting ideas when they feel the need for so doing. If the reports of the Council are to be representative of student opinion the members of that body must have some way of ascertaining what that opinion is.

Too long has the Council rested in complacent oblivion rising from its lethargy only occasionally to publish a report of its findings in connection with some problem. Shunning publicity it has carried on its work of formulating "student opinion' behind closed doors. The great majority of students remaining oblivious to its existence except when called upon to vote for members to its illustrious circle. The new members recently elected can make of the Council, if they choose, a useful institution truly representative of student opinion in the formulation of which all current ideas are given consideration.