The University has decided that Ernst Hanfstaengl will be welcomed like any other Harvard graduate returning to the twenty-fifth reunion of his class.

If Herr Hanfstaengl is to be received at all, it should be with the marks of honor appropriate to his high position in the government of a friendly country, which happens to be a great world power that is by conferring upon him an honorary degree.

He has all of the qualifications. He has risen to distinguished station, he is a benefactor of the University, and he is held in high esteem by those members of his class who have, as he has, made marks in the world. He represents a country which has not been so honored by Harvard is one of its leaders since 1002. When Prince Henry of Prussia was given the LL.D., white the University pushed to confer the degree last year upon the 'new French and English ambassadors.

There would be a certain outcry, of course. That could be safely disregarded because it would be coupled with the charge that Harvard was thereby