Foreign Affairs Sessions Are to Be Conducted in Agassiz House for Three Days

Several members of the Faculty are included in a group of distinguished European and American speakers, all specialists in their various fields, who have been drawn from different universities to take part in the program of the fourteenth annual Foreign Affairs School sponsored by Radcliffe College and the Massachusetts League of Women Voters.

The first day's speakers include Dr. Oliver M. W. Sprague '94, Edmund Cogs well Converse Professor of Banking and Finance, who will speak on "Can the United States Withdraw from the International Scene?" Dr. Sprague was formerly Economic Adviser to the Bank of England and was recently associated with the United States Treasury Department.

Speaking on "Russia Today," Dr. Merle Fainsod, instructor in Government, will open the morning session on Wednesday. In the evening a symposium on "Changes in the European Equilibrium in 1984" will be presented under the leadership of Elton Maye, professor of Industrial Research. It will take the form of a diplomatic round table in which each nation involved in European complications is to be represented. Among those taking part are Dr. Eugen Rosenstock-Hussy. Kuno Francke professor of German Art and Culture; William Y. Elliott, professor of Government; and Dr. Olgerd P. M. Sherbowitz-Wetzor, assistant in Slavic languages.

Payson S. Wild, Jr., instructor in Government will lead a discussion Thursday morning on "Disarmament and Munitions." In the afternoon, Bruce C. Hopper '24, assistant professor of Government, will speak on "The Clash of Nations in Manchuria," following which he will direct a study group on Pan-Pacific problems