March Law Review to Contain Articles by Hall and Goddard

Field of Minnesota Writes Piece on Government Corporations

Into the seething turmoil of governmental controversy, the Law Review has thrown three pertinent articles which will appear in the March, issue coming out next week.

Livingston Hall, assistant professor of Law and formerly Assistant United States Attorney for Southern New York in 1931 and 1932, has an article entitled, "Strict or Liberal Construction of Penal Statutes."

"The Interest of Public Utility Ratepayers in Depreciation" is the title of an article by professor Edwin C. Goddard of the University of Michigan.

The third article is by a professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota, Oliver P. Field. It is called "Government Corporations: A Proposal." Professor Field is widely known for the numerous books and articles he has contributed to the field of political science and will be at Harvard next year as visiting professor in Government.