Electric Camera Used in I.C. 4A Meet Exposes Error of Officials and 14,000 Spectators

Last Saturday officials unanimously decided that Robert Linders of Cornell has finished sixth in the 50-meter dash and that Charles Pessent of Manhattan has won the 50-meter hurdles.

Study of pictures from the Kirby Electric Camera resulted in the announcement last night that Linders finished fifth instead of sixth, displacing Arthur Jannell of Fordham, adding one point to Cornell's total, and depriving Fordham of the single point earned.

Furthermore, Pessent did not win the 50-meter hurdles for Manhattan, but finished in a dead heat with Phil Good of Bowdoin, who originally was declared second. This added one point for Bowdoin and clipped a half from Manhattan's total.

The findings moved Cornell's fourth place team up to second behind Manhattan, pushing Columbia down to fourth place, behind Harvard.