Blustering Huey Long is on the front page again. Apparently such events as the washroom black eye will not dampen an unquenchable thirst to be before the public eye. Now the Senator from Louisiana bombastically attacks General Johnson for the benefit of Randolph Hearst's news hawks, and much to the delight of the Reverend Father Coughlin.

There are some who look askance at the consistency with which the views of Hearst, Long, and Coughlin coincide. Stout Republicans and staunch Democrats possess insidious forebodings that such a powerful triumvirate may not be as harmless and as purposeless as it seems, with the 1936 elections looming not so far ahead. It will be remembered that the Hearst Syndicate was solidly behind Honest John Garner and solidly opposed to Roosevelt until the latter's nomination seemed a foregone conclusion in the Democratic convention. It must be realized that the good Father's flock of some millions are not by any means entirely Catholic. And it cannot be overlooked that the loud little man from Louisiana, who has sworn off liqour, is popular with the millions of American voters who like the "old fashioned" methods of oratory. He himself has boasted that it would not take him long with his sound trucks to show the people of America that Huey Long is no fool.

If this insinuation seems to call for a grain of salt, let the public press be examined. Let the political analyst point out how unerringly Hearst, Long, and Coughlin are found on the same side of the fence. It has been said that elections are brought about in the hotel rooms of convention delegates. There are some shrewd men who believe in beginning long before.