New Master Expert on Civilization of India and Far East--Formerly on Chicago Faculty

Walter Eugene Clark '03, Wales Professor of Sanskrit has been appointed Master of Kirkland to succeed Edward A. Whitney '17, associate professor of History and Literature whose resignation on account of poor health was announced last month. Professor Clark will assume his new position on September 1.

Professor Clark is a specialist on all phases of the civilization of India and has been editor of the Harvard Oriental Series since 1928. After receiving his Doctorate from Harvard in 1906, he went to the University of Chicago and was on the Faculty there until 1927 when he returned to Cambridge. He is a member of the American Oriental Society, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Linguistic Society of America, the Royal Asiatic Society, and the Society Asiatique. Born in Digby, Nova Scotia in 1881 he came to the United States in 1883.

Arthur E. Monroe '08, Lecturer on Economics, will continue as Senior Tutor of Kirkland House.