80 Two-Month Interneships Offered by National Institute of Public Affairs At Capital

If any student in the University wants to become a cog in the New Deal machine for two months this summer, he may apply for one of the 80 positions which the National Institute of Public Affairs is offering in the capital.

Carl J. Friedrich, associate professor of Government, is one of the directors of the Institute and Louis Brownlow, Eugene Meyer, publisher of the Washington Post, and William E. Sweet are the trustees.

There are five different types of work available for an interne: assistant to an administrative official, observer of the functions of a bureau or department from the inside, working in several different governmental agencies, studying some aspect of Congress or of congressional action, and independent research projects.

Applicants are judged on their scholastic records, their demonstrated interest in government and politics and their qualities of character and ability. Anyone who thinks he may qualify should write to the Committee of Admissions at the Institute, 1001 Fifteenth Sreet, Washington.

While there are a few $10 scholarship available, the regular tuition is $25 a month. The cost of room and board is $40 a month or $10 a week.

If a man wants to obtain scholastic credit for his work, he may enroll for the sefen-weeks program of the Institute of Public Affairs. "The New Deal After Two Years," any time between June 10 and September 10, and cover approximately the same ground.