Scheme Discovered as Substitution of "Division" for "Department" Upon Letterheads Is Noted

Posing falsely as a member of the Harvard faculty and selling books to small New England Colleges and preparatory schools under the pretence that they were sponsored and financed by this University, a disbarred Boston lawyer, according to the Boston Herald, is being sought by postal authorities.

In his correspondence with the various schools he used forged Harvard stationery. On one letterhead is the name of former Dean Lewis. This paper was used to authorize the man to conduct negotiations on behalf of the University.

On another appear the names of Deans Hanford, Lewis, and Cary, while on a third is the name of Arthur Norman Holcombe, and "Chairman of the Division of Government of Harvard University."

The scheme was discovered when mail began coming to the Dean's Office addressed to the bogus faculty member. At the same time the Reverend Remsen B. Ogilby of Trinity College, Hartford, complained to the Department of Justice that the same man had been representing his college falsely to the smaller schools of Connecticut.

Moreover the forger of the letterheads made the betraying slip of saying "Division" instead of "Department of Government," as it is on the genuine stationery.

Jerome D. Greene '96, Secretary to the Corporation, made the official complaint on the part of Harvard.

The value of the books, described as little more than an ordinary encyclopedia, which the man thus sold, is estimated at several thousand dollars.