The Moviegoer


Staunch supporters of the University will find their faith more than repaid this week; the program for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday is none other than "Lost Horizon." Not content with that alone, the management packs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with the magnificent Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production "The Good Earth."

The two films have long since spoken for their own worth, and a detailed review would seem superfluous when critics from all sections of the country have applauded both offerings. Suffice it to say that "Lost Horizon" is the enthralling story of a man's journey to happiness, and "The Good Earth" tells the struggle of a Chinese farmer to conquer the earth from which he sprung.

In the former, Ronald Coleman gives the best performance in his ten years of screen experience. With their portrayals in the latter, Luise Rainer and Paul Muni reach as high a perfection as any actor and actress have yet done on the screen. Both films are exponents of the tremendous power in magnitude and impressiveness the motion pictures can attain.

The vision of Shangri-La and the theme "Keep the land!" have become very real things in the hearts of the movie-going public. Those who have seen either of the films know they cannot go wrong on a second visit; those who have seen neither will be pleased to learn that two of the greatest landmarks in screen history may be viewed for the mere crossing of Massachusetts Avenue.