Sullivan, Grubbs, Defend NLRB Before Cambridge League of Women Voters; No decision

Harvard debaters defended the National Labor Relations Board last night as they clashed with Vermont University before the Cambridge League of Women Voters.

John A. Sullivan '38 and Robert M. Grubbs '39 took the negative on the question, "Resolved: That the National Labor Relations Board should be empowered to arbitrate all industrial disputes." Bernard Lisman and Walter Glass upheld the affirmative for Vermont in a no-decision debate.

The affirmative pointed out the advantage of compulsory arbitration in obviating the waste and violence of strikes and lock-outs. They cited the fact that of over 7000 cases heard by the NLRB, only 17 have been appealed to the courts.

Sullivan and Grubbs deplored the tremendous grant of arbitrary power to a board of three men without judicial qualifications, pointing out that a small board must necessarily be swamped by the terrific burden of work.

The Debating Council will again argue about governmental labor policy when it meets Dartmouth on Monday.