Engines Surge into Yard Second Time in Week When Sprinkler Wax Melts in Stoughton Last Night

Stoughton Hall, suffering from an attack of nervousness brought on by Monday's excitement in its neighbor Hollis, suddenly rang bells and squirted water at 7:20 o'clock last evening.

In five minutes the entire Cambridge Fire Department rumbled into the Yard. In another minute the alarm stopped ringing, and a fireman reported that somebody had neglected to turn off the hot shower in Entry A, the heat therefrom precipitating the excitement.

Though plaster fell from the walls, the firemen tore down no partitions and broke no windows. Colonel Apted reported "No Damage." Seven engines and a "Black Maria" attended.

Fred Hoeing, assistant in History, the Yard's former big game hunter, and proctor in Holworthy, says he expects the fire to visit his building sometime late in the week. Mr. Greene, janitor in Stoughton, remarked, "No fire like this ever happened in Stoughton before, and those sprinklers don't go off till the heat reaches 180 degrees."