Varsity Unable to Try New Pocock Shell Given by Chandler Hovey as Rowing Is Forced Indoors

Frozen in by a thin sheet of ice which extended down the river only as far as the Lars Anderson Bridge, Varsity crewmen yesterday were unable to use a new shell which had just arrived from Seattle, Washington, the gift of Chandler Hovey, whose son is a member of the sophomore class. The boat was built during the last month by George Pocock, reputedly the best shell builder in the United States, at a cost of $1350.

With tubular aluminum bracing and riggers, the 61 foot cedar shell weighs only 285 pounds, less than five pounds to the foot and 15 pounds lighter than the old Varsity shell. It is rigged in the manner of Washington shells, according to the specifications of Head Coach Tom Bolles., who is obviously pleased with the result. En route from Seattle the boat occupied a whole express car, being slung from the ceiling to prevent jarring.