Wrestling Team to Compete in Annual Intercollegiate Meet at Bethlehem, Pa.

Harkness and Glendinning Head Crimson Battle Against Eight Colleges

Hoping to topple to earth favored champions from eight other colleges, Varsity grapplers will encounter the strongest opposition of the East in the thirty-third annual meet of the Intercollegiate Wrestling Association at Bethlehem, Pa., today and tomorrow.

Because among the competitors stand out Princeton and Yale, both of whom have succeeded in tying up the Crimson team, chances for title wins on the basis of the season's record appear slight. Yet, so narrow were their margins, that the rejuvinated eight, led by Captain Cavin, hopes to make a brilliant comeback on the Lehigh mat.

Although there will be no feature bouts, Cambridge fans are counting on victories in the heavier classes. But as an aggressive Lehigh team along with the defending champions, Penn State, are yet untried by the Crimson wrestlers, prediction as to the 1937 meet winner has been avoided.

Hopes On Harkness

All hopes are pinned on Johnnie Barkness in the 175-pound class who, undefeated this season, drew third place in the Intercollegiates a year ago. His hardest fight will be against Ross Shaffor of Penn, but most observers feel he will conquer by a long time advantage with which he has won most bouts this year.

Next in line, Bill Glendinning, in the heavyweight semi-finals last year, has been defeated only by Pickett of Yale.