Bacon, McKennan, Newberry, Welles All Are Co-Authors of '37 Annual Hasty Pudding Production

Originating from the Hasty Pudding Clubhouse, a preview of the 1937 show, "Come Across", will be broadcast over the coast-to-coast Blue Network of the National Broadcasting Company tonight at 11:15 o'clock. The fifteen minute program of song hits and skits from the current show will be heard by New Englanders over WBZ and WBZA.

91st Production

"Come Across", the ninety-first annual production of the Club was written in collaboration by Gaspar G. Bacon, Jr. '37, Arnett McKennan '37, and Benjamin Welles, 2nd '38. Many hit tunes will be broadcast tonight, among them, "There's No Wolf Around My Door" by Bacon, who wrote both the music and the lyrics. "Someday" and "Heart of a Fool" will also be played. McKennan and Cammann Newberry '37 collaborated in their composition Newberry wrote the music and McKennan developed the lyrics.

Ruby Newman Arranger

Ruby Newman aided the authors of these tunes in their arrangement and orchestration. He will play for the stage program of "Come Across", which will be given in one week. The broadcast will be accompanied by the WBZ Studio Orchestration under the direction of Rakov.

The earliest Hasty Pudding-play was presented in 1844, and the first original operetta was produced in 1882. These continued without interruption until 1917 when the United States entered the World War. Then, two weeks before the premiere of Robert E. Sherwood's undergraduate effort "Barnum Was Right", the entire cast voted to cancel production and enlist. Among the members of that wartime cast, seven were killed in action and three were decorated for distinguished service.