The Moviegoer


The Winchell-Bernie feud has hardly been improved by having been filmed in "Wake Up and Live". Walter and Ben exhibit much animosity for each other, but spoil the effect by billing and cooing in the climax.

Entertaining, but by no means inspirational, the story has a twist that is as surprising as it is unlikely. Anything can happen in the movies and often does, Jack Haley, whose singing is good if you don't mind his face, is a small time vaudeville performer who has "mike fright" at his first audition. The inevitable happy ending finds him firmly established at the top in radio.

Alice Faye, meanwhile, is Jack's blond angel who also warbles on occasion. The figure and the smile are still there. Patsy Kelly, as Winchell's girl Friday, continues to "knock 'em cold". Nod Sparks, judging from his performance in this picture, will continue to be seen on the screen for a long time, if he doesn't swallow his cigar first.