Struck to Be in Charge of Biographical Material, Cleveland Editorials, and Griswold Art

John L. Dampeer '38 has been elected to the chairmanship of the Class Album for next year, it was announced last night by Neil G. Melone '37, chairman of this year's committee.

At the same time it was state that Joseph P. Kennedy would be business manager; Bruce Griswold would handle all artwork and photography; H. Van Buren Cleveland would take charge of the editorial work; and that Vernon H. Struck would supervise the biographical material.

These men were elected earlier in the year in order that they might help the committee of the Class of 1937 in their work. The chairman was elected by these five Juniors, and positions were then allotted by mutual consent.

This is the first year that Juniors have helped the Seniors in getting their Album together, and the experiment, advocated by last year's committee and voted upon by the Student Council, has proved such a success that it will probably continue indefinitely.

Members of the Class of 1939 will be elected to help this committee some time next February.