Crimson Service Endeavors to Steer First Year Men to Courses Praised by Their Predecessors

With this issue, mailed to the homes of all entering students, the editors of the CRIMSON also include a copy of the Confidential Guide to Freshman Courses and Fields of concentration, which was prepared under the auspices of the paper.

Purposes of the Guide are to steer the first year man toward those studies which have been lauded by his predecessor and to aid him in the choice of a Field of Concentration which he must face at the end of the year.

Most students take at least four courses as Freshmen. Others may be required to take more or may do so voluntarily. To enable students to make their selection the College has already mailed descriptive pamphlets and will further aid through the mechanism of a Board of Advisers.

The editors of the CRIMSON feel, however, that they are rendering a further service by their analysis of the merits of courses, as those merits were found by men who have just completed the Freshman year.

Course opinions of the Guide were obtained from replies to questionnaires issued to members of 1940 last Spring. In the case of the articles on Concentration analytical meetings were held with representative upperclassmen majoring in the various Departments.