From Maine to California the Railway Express Agency is reaching out its efficient tentacles to pick up hundreds of trunks, bags and boxes at the homes of students preparatory to depositing them inside the doors of several hundred dormitory rooms in Cambridge.

Railway Express facilities in a college town are taxed with two peak load periods, the incoming in September and the exodus in June, but the reserve power of a National Organization is such that the smooth functioning of the home to room service is unimpaired in efficiency.

Railway Express does the job in one motion saving the trouble of moving by separate stages.

When the last trunk has been delivered, the Railway Express Agency settles down to the less strenuous but equally efficient job of shuttling hundreds of students laundry cases weekly between Cambridge and home towns for students who wish to have efficient laundry service to their homes and back to college dormitories at a very small cost. These shipments may be sent either collect or prepaid.