Work, Which Has Gone On All Summer, Will Be Used to Aid Freshmen Become Acquainted

With the continuation of "Harvard on View," official summer free guide service to the University, through Sunday afternoon, Harvard veterans are making every effort to help the incoming student adjust himself geographically as soon as possible.

Phillips Brooks House has been one of the factors in backing the prolongment of service, which has operated daily during the past three months from headquarters outside Massachusetts Hall.

Also the social service workers have promoted the Freshman's early welfare through their information bureau open since Monday in the Northwest corner of the Yard.

Last year in the corresponding period 1300 visitors of all ages came to PBH parlor. This year a corresponding number are coming with prospective 1941 men leaving in possession of the new, revised, and all inclusive vest pocket Harvard Handbook.

During termtime information service to the University is regularly provided at the Information Office in the South basement of University Hall.