"Help, help," yelled Bernard D. Shea '41 as he danced around his room on the fifth floor of Thayer yesterday, trying desperately to shake off a tenacious squirrel which held his index finger firmly in its teeth.

It all started when Shea took pity on the squirrel which appeared on his window sill, standing cutely on its hind legs. Opening the window he allowed the animal to enter and then offered it some unpopped popped corn. Refusing to eat the pop corn, the squirrel started to climb the Yardling's curtain. When he attempted to pull it down, it turned and grabbed his finger.

First to answer Shea's frantic cries for help was David "Kentucky" Mitchell '41. Already famous as the ice cream champion of the University, Mitchell sprang to the rescue with a yell and a pair of gloves. A few minutes later he retired with his gloves torn to shreds and his hands lacerated in a dozen places, leaving the squirrel in complete triumph.