Cadets' Program

From 10 to 10:15 o'clock this morning the Square subway station will hum with the well-ordered bustle of the pride of American youth falling into line. For 900 West Point Cadets will then march through the Yard and then submit to dismisal. At 11:15 one section will be reformed to march to lunch; at 11:45 the other section will also be called to the Union's noon-hour snack.

At 12:40 the Cadets will have digested the fare and will be called on to form in front of Sever Hall. Thence to the Stadium by way of Dudley Gate, Quincy Street, Bow Street, DeWolfe Street, across Memorial Drive and Weeks Bridge and the Charles River Road to Gate 20, Soldiers Field. They will march into the Stadium at 1:15 o'clock.

The H. A. A. has warned police captains Loahy, McGrath, Kellsher, Murray, and Apted about all this. These five have also been instructed that "after the game no police detail will be needed to escort the Cadets from the Stadium."