At the height of yesterday's student melee, camp followers in the wake of the undergraduate Storm Troopers were treated to several humorous incidents as follows:

Instructions to the Cambridge policemen were brief and to the point. While the squad cars stood in front of the Lampoon building the short wave radio mumbled in curt and ferocious tones from the Central Square Bastille, "If they act up, kick THEM in the pants! That is all."

The 128-pound Cambridge City Councilman, who managed to figure quite prominently in parts of the initiation although it has been definitely ascertained that he is not a candidate for the "funny" magazine, stood around the outskirts of the group shortly after he had been subjected to a drop-kick which he admitted "lifted me right off my feet." While he attempted to calm his ruffled feelings, two exceedingly ominous looking gentlemen, attired in sweatshirts, their swarthy jowls covered with a wiry bristle, silently converged on him. For a moment the three stood watching the milling students and Storm Troopers with a jaundiced eye. Finally the one in the larger sweatshirt leaned over to the Councilman's ear.

"Gee, Boss," he whispered, "I don't like the looks of this at all. Let's get the hell out of here."