Faith, It's a Great Day for The Murphys, 6 Win Awards

Five Real Murphys and One Murphey Split $2400 Murphy Prize

Many were called Murphy but few were chosen yesterday when the scholarship committee determined who should be the recipients of $24,00 from funds left by William Stainslaus Murphy '85 for men who would bear his name in later years.

The University Catalogue listed no fewer than 21 Murphies, of whom 12 were undergraduates and hen eligible for the awards. Of these five were chosen and a sixth grant went to a ringer by the name of Murphey. The awards were made with an eye to scholarship, the University confided, and since there were no Murphies, scholarly or otherwise, in the Junior class, two men from each of the other classes are today the richer.

The recipients are Eugene F. Murphy '39, Ralph B. Murphy '39, John C. Murphy '41, William R. Murphey, III '41, Malcolm P. Murphy '42, William C. Murphy '42.