Puritans Defeat Elephants In First of House Debates

Lowell Meets Dunster Speakers This Evening to Mull Over Munich

In the first inter-House debate of the year, a Winthrop team last night narrowly overcame an Eliot group by a judges' vote of 2 to 1. The debate, held in the Eliot House Common Room, featured Rupert Emerson, professor of Government, Frank Jourdan '41, John Donnell '40 of Winthrop, opposing John Gleason, instructor in History, Melvin H. Freedman '41, and Regnar E. Bird '41 of Eliot.

The next contest in the series will be held tonight at 7.30 o'clock in the Lowell House Common Room with the Bellboys under the leadership of William Y. Elliott, professor of Government attacking the Munich Pact, the Dunster speakers, under Joseph A. Schumpeter, professor of Economics, will uphold it. A vigorous cross-examination by the audience is anticipated.