Lane Praises Community, Faculty, and Law School for Response to Appeal For Funds

Donations in cash and pledges in the drive for funds have passed the $5,000 mark, it was announced by the Harvard Refugee Committee last night.

The Committee has already collected over $3,500 in cash and some $2,000 in pledges. Besides this, another $2,000 has been informally promised to the committee.

This amount is well over half the $10,000 goal needed to match the sum set up by the Corporation for 20 scholarships for refugee students of outstanding ability and merit.

Mass Meeting Drew $1,500

The Committee will make an intensive effort to raise the remainder needed in the next two weeks. The campaign has been going since Tuesday night when Eddie Cantor launched the drive in a mass meeting in Memorial Hall which drew 1,300 people and resulted in $1,500 in pledges as well as a promise from Cantor for $1,500 more from his friends.

"The response of the community, the University faculty, and the Law School to our appeal for funds has been especially gratifying," said Robert E. Lane '39, chairman of the Refugee Committee, last night.

Will Canvass Alumni

The benefit movie Thursday night added $200 when both the management and the employees of the University Theatre donated their time and services for a midnight show.

The committee is planning to extend the campaign to alumni, and any money in excess of $10,000 will be used to provide for other student refugees in addition to those awarded scholarships.

Other officers of the Committee are Philip H. Bagby '39, secretary; Calvin W. Stillman '39, student treasurer; John Peters 2M, chairman of the Medical School committee; Edwin F. Prichard 4L, chairman of the Law School committee; and Robert F. Herrick '90, general treasurer of the refugee fund.